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Music Production. Audio Engineering. System Design. Architectural Acoustics.


Daniel Natoli

Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Whisky Enthusiast and Beard Owner.

Daniel Natoli

Built on the philosophies of passion and creativity, Daniel Natoli Audio strives to be the most unique and empowering production company in the Australian music industry.

What makes DNA different? Daniel Natoli believes in the pure genetics of audio; a moment of sound should mystify the most enthusiastic audiophile and capture the heart and mind of a listener. 

As an affiliate of A Sharp Recording Studio, Daniel offers an exceptional range of studio recording, mixing and music production services designed to deliver the highest quality production of your sounds. With experience in composition/arranging, session musicianship, tuition and project management, Daniel can provide effective solutions tailored to each individual project.

Accompanying his musical endeavours, Daniel is an accomplished acoustician, system designer and business manager. He is the guitarist and co-founder of the band Absentia (alongside his long-time musical partner, Georgia Eyes) and has worked as a music teacher for ~10 years.

Recently, Daniel has been involved in the development of Score Addiction (a groundbreaking production music platform, established in partnership with Universal Production Music) and has conducted research in spatial electroacoustics and applied psychoacoustics as part of his Master of Architectural Science (Audio & Acoustics) degree at The University of Sydney.

“It starts with a single sound. If there’s something in that sound, then it’s worth continuing…”

Steve Lacy, jazz saxophonist and composer.

Qualifications & Affiliations

Head of Production

Score Addiction is a high quality, fully-customisable music platform developed in partnership with the world’s biggest production music libraries to help video editors, producers and content creators find, audition and customise world-class library music.

Freelance Music Producer and Audio Engineer

A Sharp Recording Studios is the oldest independent recording studio in Sydney, meticulously renovated with unbelievable attention to detail, resulting in one of the finest and most sophisticated studios in Australia.

Live Sound Engineer and Technician

Loud and Clear’s specialty is providing professional audio solutions for theatre and corporate events. We provide a complete service including production design, hire and operation of all equipment for any production.

The University of Sydney

Master of Architectural Science (Audio & Acoustics)

Australian Institute of Music

Diploma of Music (Composition & Music Production) Bachelor of Music (Audio Engineering) on Academic Scholarship

RWTH Aachen University

 CA101: Communication Acoustics (via edX)




Music Production

Architectural Acoustics

DSP & System Design

My favourite engineer/producer!

“Daniel Natoli has been, by far, my favourite engineer/producer that I have had the honour of working with. Daniel is always up for trying new things and experimenting with ideas. His creative sense and musical direction has always lead to great sounds; sounds that I never thought were possible. Not only has Daniel been a pleasure to work with, but I would consider him a close friend of mine for many years to come. I would strongly recommend Daniel for his professional help and advice.”

Cameron Vadala (Guitarist of Hiraeth)

I’ve worked with different engineers and producers in the past and haven’t been nearly as impressed!

“Daniel constantly impresses me. He displays an incredible work ethic. His combination of skill, knowledge, and intuition make him great to work with. He knows when to push ideas and when to back off. Highly professional but also easy going. I’ve worked with different engineers and producers in the past and haven’t been nearly as impressed. I will always recommend him.”

Cassandra Scott (Pianist of Hiraeth)

The results sound incredible!

“Dan’s mix of entire professionalism and friendly natured approach to the recording and mixing process is leaps and bounds beyond anything I ever expected, the results sound incredible and pushed our music to boundaries I never dreamed it could be.”

Adam Crowell (Bassist of Hiraeth and owner of Crowella Effects)

There wasn’t a feeling of separation between engineer/producer, and musician.

“Dan provided a very comfortable and relaxing environment whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism during our sessions. He demonstrated himself being highly competent in the studio, with very high audio and technology knowledge. I appreciated Dan having a great sense of humour – he was able to provide a human element to the sessions, and definitely made my experience a lot more enjoyable. There wasn’t a feeling of separation between engineer/producer and musician, it felt like we were all working towards the same goal. Recording with Dan was a very fluid experience. He was fun to be in a studio environment with, was full of ideas and provided lots of inspiration during sessions. Dan is THE man with more than just a plan!”

Alex Dorn (Guitarist of Hiraeth)

Daniel’s ability to understand a vision beyond its foundations is a beautiful gift.

“Daniel’s ability to understand a vision beyond its foundations is a beautiful gift. Mr. Natoli met us at every corner, and challenged us even when he knew we’d want to throw the SSL at him! He is a gracefully ambitious engineer with a world of knowledge in both musical technique, and soul. It has been an honour to work with him, and we look forward to annoying him more in the very near future! We love you Dan!”

Matthew Cardwell (Lead Singer and Songwriter of Hiraeth)

The benchmark for all future recording experiences.

“Working with Dan has set the benchmark for all future recording experiences. Not only does he give the impression that he is constantly in control of the technical aspects of a project, but he constantly pushed us to be the best musicians we could be. No is not a word in his vocabulary and he made it his mission to try each and every idea voiced. Daniel Natoli is an engineer and producer that you will be hearing more and more of over the years, I guarantee it. Working with Dan has been one of the major highlights of our music career.”

Jared Phillips (Guitarist and backing-vocalist of Valko and Majora)

He understood my vision and helped me to realise it beyond my expectations.

“Daniel is very talented, committed and professional. The time, effort and attention to detail he puts in is crazy, but it pays off big time. He understood my vision for my project and helped me to realise it beyond my expectations. As a producer, he offered only what input he thought necessary. As an engineer he excels in knowing how to achieve a particular desired sound. I will definitely be working with Daniel again on my next project.”

Peter O’Connor (The Human Instrumentality Project)

Daniel is always my first choice in his areas of expertise.

“My company ANGELVOICES specialises in live performance across vocal genres such as opera, musical theatre and jazz. Sophistication and high quality production is my expectation, and thus Daniel is always my first choice in his areas of expertise. He is methodical and professional in all his undertakings, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to prospective clients.”

Irene Sarrinikolaou (Artistic Director, ANGELVOICES.)

An absolute pleasure and honour.

“Working with Daniel is, and has been, an absolute pleasure and honour. He works with professionalism, enthusiasm and his knowledge is outstanding! As a vocalist, it is difficult to find audio engineers who understand our working attitudes and how to best utilise and capture our sound. I would highly recommended Daniel to anyone – his work ethic is not only professional, but unbeatable. Whoever gets the pleasure to work along side him will not be disappointed!”

Georgia Orfanos (Lead vocalist of Absentia and founder of Georgia Eyes Music.)

One of the highlights of my musical career!

“Working with Dan has been one of the highlights of my musical career. The man knows how to get the best out of anyone, and is so amazingly patient and easy-going you’d think you were 15 years old jamming in your parents garage! If you want quality work and a good time whilst recording, Dan is the man!”

Adam Drum (Lead Vocalist, The Needs)


Daniel strives to work with projects of all sizes and budgets. The prices below outline a standard, commercial rate, and will vary based on your project’s individual needs and timescale. Please contact Daniel directly to discuss your project and organise a personalised quote now!

Studio recording at A Sharp Recording Studio, Sydney (including all associated studio hire fees)
Full Day
10 hours, from 10:00am to 8:00pm
$850 + GST
Half Day
5 hours, during the day.
$475 + GST
Night Hire
5 hours, 8:00pm to 1:00am
$425 + GST
Hourly Hire
Minimum 3 hours
$95/hour + GST
Freelance Producer/Engineer Rates (not including studio hire)
Producer's Rate (Full Day)
Per 10-hour call
Producer's Rate (Half-Day)
Per 5-hour call
Hourly Rate
Minimum 3-hour call, for miscellaneous recording, editing, sound design and music production (songwriting, arranging, performing etc.)
$40 per hour
Mixing Rates
Music Mixing (1 - 4 tracks)
Client unattended, with one round of revisions.
$300 per track
Music Mixing (5+ tracks)
Client unattended, with one round of revisions.
$275 per track
Video Mixing
Stereo mixing for advertising, film or broadcast (online distribution only).
$60 per hour (negotiable)
Surround Sound Mixing
For when a stereo mix just won't cut it! Available for mixing in surround (Quad, 5.1 & 7.1) and 3D Object-Based Surround.
Contact Daniel for a quote.
  • Note: All tracks are mixed in Daniel’s private studio. For attended mixes / mixes at A Sharp Recording Studio, please contact Daniel to discuss studio hire fees. 
Acoustics / Audio System Design
Consultancy Rates
All matters relating to architectural acoustics, studio system development, sound insulation, speech intelligibility, loudspeaker modelling, audio system measurement and MATLAB-based DSP will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
Contact Daniel for a quote.


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